Youth Counseling

With Brittany’s experience on church staff creating and leading a student ministry and children’s ministry, she understands issues affecting today’s youth.  She has a huge heart for ministering to them and easily relates to them.  She desires to meet the needs of troubled young people who are experiencing emotional, psychological, family, and social distress. 

Brittany develops treatment programs that promote growth and change, positive relationships, personal values, and acceptable behavioral patterns.  Parents are encouraged to work with the therapist in encouraging the child’s growth and development.

Brittany works with children ages 10 and older to address any issue that is of concern to them or their parents.  Some of the topics that are addressed in youth counseling include:

Depression Developmental disorders
Anxiety ADHD
Emotional concerns Emotional/Sexual/Physical abuse issues
Behavioral concerns Unplanned pregnancy
Eating disorders Parent/Child relations
Body image concerns Self-esteem Issues
Self-mutilation Loss and grief
Suicidal tendencies Substance abuse
Relationship with family/friend