Addiction Services

Here at Hope & Wellness, we believe in an individualized approach to working through and adressing recovery with our clients.  Each person is unique and recovery isn’t one size fits all.  Some people need long term inpatient care, others traditional AA can be the greatest benefit, but a majority of addicts thrive with a mentor coming along side them and walking through the difficult task of recovery with them.  At Hope & Wellness we look at each individual’s needs and come up with a customized plan to walk out the recovery process.  Whether that means weekly 50 minute coaching sessions or an intensive outpatient program digging deep into the addiction, we will find an avenue that suits your needs and leads to freedom.

  • Weekly coaching sessions for people with a foundation in recovery.  Focus in on relapse prevention, bettering coping skills, and everyday issues that come up.
  • Intensive outpatient program for people coming out of a serious addiction.  We use the curriculum from a successful inpatient program to dig deep and get to the root issues of the addiction.  We work on regeneration, inner healing, and growing the recovering addict in a relationship with Christ, with a focus on teaching accountability, ownership over choices, and coping skills.   We do this while tailoring the program to your schedule so the professional doesn’t have to leave his job, or the parent their children.
  • Family Recovery Meetings.  We want the families to be as involved as possible and receive help dealing with the pain inflicted by the addict during active addiction.

We are outraged at the fact that people take advantage of people in crisis and panicking families.  We work with each person to make sure they can receive the help they need at a price that is affordable.  The individual sessions are billed on a sliding scale whereas the outpatient program fees are determined based on the need of the individual at a fraction of the price of other programs.

Email or call (214-449-9858) Nik with any questions or to get more information.