Issues Explored in Premarital Counseling or Pre-Engagement Counseling

All couples have unique dynamics and some come to counseling with specific issues that they want to address, so I always meet clients where they are at individually.  However, for clients who want basic premarital counseling or pre-engagement counseling, they can expect the following to be explored within sessions.

Much of counseling is designed to help couples improve their relationship skills.  We will explore their strengths that they can build upon as well as areas that need growth.  Communication is very important in any relationship, especially a marriage, so depending on a couple’s ability to communicate effectively, communication skills are taught.  Learning assertiveness and active listening skills often fall under this category.  Conflict resolution is addressed in a healthy light. 

Expectations for the marriage are also explored to ensure that couples are on the same page.  Finances is another huge area of concern for many couples, so financial planning and budgeting is discussed.  Other personal, couple, or family goals are also explored.  All counseling always takes into consideration the individual personalities and backgrounds of clients, including family of origin information when relevant.

For clients who want to take the recommended PREPARE-ENRICH assessment, the inventory provides excellent feedback to be further explored in counseling on the following significant issues:

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personality Issues
  • Financial Management
  • Sexual Expectations
  • Marital Satisfaction
  • Leisure Activities 
  • Children and Parenting
  • Family and Friends
  • Expectations
  • Idealistic Distortion
  • Role Relationship
  • Spiritual Beliefs