Marriage Counseling

Couples generally choose to enter marriage counseling in order to work on pressing problems in the marital relationship that affect their satisfaction, joy, and closeness, or that threaten the foundation of the marriage.   However, marriage counseling is also available to couples interested in enrichment who desire to grow in their relationship with each other. These are couples who have strong marriages and desire a deeper level of intimacy, closeness and fulfillment with their mates.  Other couples are experiencing outside stresses or life changes and seek counseling with the desire of taking every opportunity to strengthen their marriage and have a valuable resource available to help them with adjustments involved in a growing marriage.

Learning more effective communication and interaction styles equip couples to develop healthier, more positive relationships.  All marriages go through difficult times. Brittany is committed to helping couples identify the sources of dissatisfaction and conflict, and help couples develop new strategies for solving those problems. The goal of marriage counseling is the resolution of conflict, increased communication skills, and the growth of intimacy and mutual acceptance.

Brittany is a certified administrator of PREPARE/ENRICH, a pre-marital and marriage assessment tool for counselors and clergy.  The Enrich assessment is designed to assist counselors and couples in focusing objectively on critical relationship issues.  When applicable, Brittany may suggest that you take this assessment.  Any couples interested in taking this powerful assessment may contact Brittany.  The assessment is taken online at any time by both spouses individually, and then an appointment is scheduled with Brittany to discuss the results.

Some issues explored in marriage counseling include:

Communication skills   Blended family issues  
Conflict Resolution skills Parenting
Restoring trust Divorce recovery
Recovering from unfaithfulness Family relationship issues