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Defense Mechanisms

People who are experiencing pain often develop defense mechanisms to cover, deny or soothe their pain. Unfortunately, these defenses that they have developed often lead to more pain for either themselves or the people close to them. For example, many different addictions begin by people attempting to soothe their pain.  However, these addictions also result […]

Marriage Boosts Mental Health

Research done by the Center for Marriage and Families and the Institute for American Values shows that marriage on average boosts the mental health of both adults and children. Married adults experience higher levels of emotional well-being and lower levels of mental illness than do single and divorced adults. Children whose parents do not get […]

Parenting Affects Future Generations

The impact that one life can have on those around them is amazing.  Being a parent is an incredible responsibility with the important role of influencing one’s children, but it is also a great blessing from God with the opportunity to make an impact on the next five generations.

Dallas Youth Camp

Last week (June 16, 2008) I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as a counselor at my church’s youth camp.  This was my eleventh year to serve as a camp counselor, and every year is always such an amazing experience. 

Premarital Counseling

It is no shock that most marriages in America are suffering.  Therefore, many people are choosing to not enter a marriage relationship casually.  Premarital counseling is a great tool for strengthening the foundation of a relationship. 

Issues Explored in Premarital Counseling or Pre-Engagement Counseling

All couples have unique dynamics and some come to counseling with specific issues that they want to address, so I always meet clients where they are at individually.  However, for clients who want basic premarital counseling or pre-engagement counseling, they can expect the following to be explored within sessions.

Favorite Scriptures for Hope

The Bible is full of so many promises from God, and God is faithful so we can trust His Word completely and find hope.  Below are a few of my favorites that I cling to through difficult times.

Why Did I Become a Counselor?

Since college I have been very passionate about helping others either develop their own personal relationship with Christ or helping them grow closer to God.  The more I studied God’s Word on my own and at seminary, the more I became aware of the fact that most people are missing out on all that God […]