Christian Counseling

With a personal and growing relationship with Christ, a Masters in Christian Counseling from Southwestern Theological Seminary, and nine years experience on church staff, Brittany is skilled at working with individuals and couples who have a desire to integrate their Christian faith in the counseling process. 

Christian Counseling is distinctive in that its foundation is the Word of God.  Christian Counseling signifies that the counselor comes from a Biblical perspective and that everything shared in sessions will be in line with Scripture and Christian theology.  In addition to psychological principles, Christian Counseling offers the power and hope that are rooted in God’s Word.  It provides a Biblical perspective to the challenges of daily life that at times appear too unbearable to face alone.  As an individual licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, Brittany is trained in social sciences; however, she only utilizes the theories and ideas of social science when they do not contradict Scripture.  Knowing that she comes from a Christian worldview, you can be assured that she will provide sound counsel in keeping with Biblical principles and will not implement non-traditional forms of counseling techniques.

While Brittany’s faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior is an integral part of her life and therefore her counsel, she will never force her values and beliefs on any client.  Furthermore, she is very experienced in counseling people from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds, and she enjoys the diversity.  While she is a Christian and her counsel comes from a distinctly Biblical worldview, she enjoys working with all individuals regardless of their beliefs.  For clients seeking Christian Counseling and desiring Scripture and prayer to be incorporated in their therapy, Brittany will include it when applicable in sessions and homework assignments.  If this option is desired, you can inform your counselor at your initial session.  Clients who do not want Christian counseling can also let Brittany know that in your initial intake or initial session.

If you have any questions regarding Christian counseling or want to schedule an appointment, please contact Brittany.