Premarital Counseling

It is no shock that most marriages in America are suffering.  Therefore, many people are choosing to not enter a marriage relationship casually.  Premarital counseling is a great tool for strengthening the foundation of a relationship. 

All marriages consist of two individuals with two different families of origin, two different backgrounds, two different experiences, and two different personalities coming together to become one.  Regardless of love, similarities, and commitment, this is a difficult process for all couples.  Therefore, you can not have too much preparation!

Premarital counseling gives couples a chance to work through this process and discuss any difficulties in their relationship.  They will also become more aware of their relationship strengths so that they can build upon them.  Furthermore, premarital counseling serves as an opportunity for engaged couples to receive tools to assist them throughout their marriage.

Statistics show that premarital preparation can reduce divorce rate by 30% (Stanley, Amato, Johnson & Markman, 2006).  Extensive research based on the combined information from eleven experimental studies found significant differences favoring couples who received premarital education.

In addition, couples with premarital counseling had a 79% improvement in all marital outcomes compared to couples who did not receive premarital education (Carroll & Doherty, 2003).  Specifically, couples who participate in the premarital program PREPARE/ENRICH significantly increased their couple satisfaction.

Lately, premarital counseling has been the most popular request from individuals who contact me for counseling.  This is no surprise concerning the value of the therapy and the increasing awareness of our society of the need to establish a strong foundation before entering a marriage.

I love doing premarital counseling, especially when it involves implementing the PREPARE/ENRICH program.  Using this tool, I am able to really help couples discover both the strengths in their relationship and the areas that needs growth.

Some couples come to premarital counseling simply having a few issues that they want to work through; however, for couples who come wanting general premarital counseling, I frequently take them through the PREPARE/ENRICH program due to its tremendous success and the value that I have found in the program.

The topics included in the premarital program are:
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Assessing Strength and Growth Areas
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Spiritual Beliefs and Compatibility
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Family Goals
  • Expectations

As a registered provider of Twogether in Texas, Brittany is authorized by the state to give couples who receive 8 hours of premarital counseling a waiver for the $60 fee for their marriage license.

To discuss participating in either the premarital counseling program, just the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment, or simply coming to a premarital counseling session, please contact Brittany.