Family Counseling

Sometimes issues are best resolved when they are addressed with multiple family members present at counseling sessions.  Families often come for counseling when they have difficulty resolving an issue, when there is tension in one or more relationships, or perhaps when they are struggling with a particular life transition (birth, death, marriage, divorce, relocation, retirement). Read more

Christian Counseling

With a personal and growing relationship with Christ, a Masters in Christian Counseling from Southwestern Theological Seminary, and nine years experience on church staff, Brittany is skilled at working with individuals and couples who have a desire to integrate their Christian faith in the counseling process.  Read more

Youth Counseling

With Brittany’s experience on church staff creating and leading a student ministry and children’s ministry, she understands issues affecting today’s youth.  She has a huge heart for ministering to them and easily relates to them.  She desires to meet the needs of troubled young people who are experiencing emotional, psychological, family, and social distress.  Read more

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a very important and effective tool for helping couples lay a strong foundation for a healthy marriage.  In our society, so much emphasis is placed on the wedding that there is little attention given to the actual marriage.  Brittany offers a professional premarital counseling program that will help you start your marriage on solid ground.  This program is designed to give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy relationship and enjoy the blessing of marriage as God designed.  Premarital counseling is ideal for couples who are engaged, considering engagement, or newlyweds. Read more

Marriage Counseling

Couples generally choose to enter marriage counseling in order to work on pressing problems in the marital relationship that affect their satisfaction, joy, and closeness, or that threaten the foundation of the marriage.   Read more

Individual Counseling

Brittany Pieper, M.A., LPC works with adults, teenagers, and pre-teens who are experiencing emotional, mental, relational and psychological symptoms.  Clients often seek counseling in order to work on specific struggles that hinder their quality of life.  Brittany works with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, chemical dependency, the effects of childhood sexual or physical abuse, compulsive behaviors, relational problems, and a variety of adjustment disorders.  Read more