Individual Counseling

Brittany works with adults, adolescents, and children who are experiencing emotional, mental, relational and psychological symptoms.  Clients often seek counseling in order to work on specific struggles that hinder their quality of life.  Brittany works with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, chemical dependency, the effects of childhood sexual or physical abuse, compulsive behaviors, relational problems, and a variety of adjustment disorders. 

The goal for each client is greater freedom and genuine healing, which may include self-awareness and personality growth, coping skills, and an increased ability in problem-solving and decision-making.  Brittany provides a safe environment for clients to share and joins them in the process of working on their individual issues.  Some issues addressed in individual sessions include:

Depression Stress/anger management 
Anxiety Panic attacks
Bipolar disorder Phobias
Obsessive-compulsive disorder Women’s issues
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Blended family issues
Grief and loss Divorce recovery
Relationship issues Spiritual issues
Child/adolescent issues Low Self-Esteem
Sexual/physical abuse Physical & Emotional Abuse
Substance/behavioral addiction Work-related Stress
Identity/sense of self issues Spiritual growth    
Codependency/ boundary issues Suicidal tendencies
Eating/body image disorders Behavior/adjustment issues with children/adolescent
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